Our Values

At Hollinswood Primary School and Nursery, we want to be Welders, Footballers, Performers, Teachers, Scientists, Vets, Vloggers, Astronauts, Archaeologists, Pilots, Hairdressers, Engineers and Fashion Designers. We want to be confident in our own abilities and feel like we’re a part of something bigger than us. We want to ask questions to expand our knowledge, becoming sociable learners and we want to use our experiences to take on greater adventures in life together, as a team. We need to remember that we can be perfect learners and we can achieve anything we put our minds to.  

At Hollinswood Primary our curriculum develops four key values of respect, resourcefulness, resilience and responsibility in our children. 

Being Respectful


  • Children are encouraged to respect the ideas, attitudes, values and feelings of others regardless of race and culture.
  • Children are encouraged to treat others fairly and with kindness, respect and encouragement.
  • Children are taught to respect, value and support each other as learners and their learning environment.
  • Children are taught about the environment and how they impact on the environment and the world around them.

Being Resourceful

  • Children will become confident, resourceful, enquiring and independent learners.
  • Children will have the mental agility to transfer the skills and knowledge they have learned to solve problems and embrace new opportunities.
  • Children will be able to build on prior knowledge and skills.

Being Resilient

  • Children will be encouraged to take pride in their work and the work of others.
  • Children will be confident to take risks.
  • Children will develop a ’have a go attitude.’ 

Being Responsible

  • Children will recognise their own mistakes and errors as a learning opportunity.
  • Children will have high expectations for themselves – learning behaviours, progress in learning, presentation and personal conduct.
  • Adults and children establish positive working relationships in the classroom and around school.