Safeguarding Squad

Safeguarding Squad 

We are very lucky to have a ‘Safeguarding Squad’ here at Hollinswood Primary School and Nursery. Our Safeguarding Squad is made up of a group of pupils in school who help keep children safe in our school and the local community.

The Safeguarding Squad run a project in school each term and will usually plan and lead an assembly and present to pupils in their classrooms. The Safeguarding Squad pupils wear special lanyards with the above logo and work closely with our Deputy Headteacher Mrs Morris. 

As part of their role, they:

·       Attend meetings

·       Bring ideas to the meeting that will make the school safe

·       Feedback information to their class 

·       Wear their badge so people know that they are a representative of the Squad

·       Present some assemblies about how to keep safe in and outside of school

·       Conduct walks around school to check the school grounds