School Council

At Hollinswood Primary, our school council consists of children from each year group. The School Council members are elected in September of each year, by their peers. School Councillors are encouraged to use their resourcefulness to of ways they can improve our school.

Some of the reasons why we are School Councillors:

"I am a good friend and play with everyone.”

“I help people.”

"I am friendly.”

“I want to be able to help my friends.”

“I think I would be a good school councillor because I am good a listening to people.”

“It’s important to be a good listener on school council because you can listen to your friends and help them sort out their problems.”

“I wanted to be a school councillor so I could help school become a better place for everyone.”

We meet once a month to talk about ways to help the school and the local community. We like to get involved with lots of projects! Recent projects have included:

· Tasting new desserts for the school dinner menu

· Designing safety posters for the local community

· Successfully applying for and raffling a huge Easter Egg to raise money for new classroom games.

· Meeting with the local Police Officers to talk share news about school and the local community.

This year we are especially proud to have been awarded a grant from the Parish Council to improve our school and held a vote to decide how to spend this. Watch this space for news about this from September!