School Uniform Information

Uniform Policy/Arrangements

We encourage all children to wear a school uniform - we like to see children looking smart and ready to learn in appropriate school clothes.

This consists of:

  • Grey or black trousers/skirts/pinafore dresses;
  • Forest Green school sweatshirt/cardigans/jumpers;
  • White polo shirts/blouses/shirts;
  • Grey/white socks;
  • Black shoes.
  • Trainers/boots/high heels/pumps are not allowed.

Summer Wear

  • Grey shorts/trousers, white short sleeved shirts or white polo shirts (Boys);
  • Green and white check dresses, white socks (Girls);
  • Baseball caps with the school logo (can be ordered);
  • Sandals are not suitable footwear for playtimes, school shoes must be worn.

Children are expected to take pride in their appearance and jeans and tracksuits are not allowed. It is expected that children will wear shoes at school as trainers are not suitable for wear throughout the day. Shoes with a heel height of more than 5cm (2 inches) will not be allowed.

Jewellery must not be worn to school. It is often lost, damaged and can be dangerous. For safety reasons ear-rings, other than studs should not be worn. All studs must be removed for P.E. sessions or covered with tape. Nail Varnish is also not allowed.

Children must change into shorts and T-shirts for physical education lessons. The children should wear a PE T-shirt in the colour of their House Team. In the winter track suits should be worn for outdoor games. P.E. T-shirts are available for purchase from school. The four House Team colours are available in a range of sizes. They can be purchased for £1.50 from the school offices.

The School does not hold a uniform stock. Uniform items can be purchased from the supplier Bakers, School Wear Specialists who have shop in Wellington High Street. Alternatively items can be purchased online through their website http://www.bakerandsonschoolwear.co.uk

If you use the discount code HOLLINSWOOD at the checkout stage, items delivered to school are free.

The current uniform items for purchase/order and their prices are (as at January 2017):


Size Range





Forest Green Sweatshirt  

Sizes 22"-30"


Size 32"


Size 34"


Forest Green Cardigan    

Sizes 22"-30"


Size 32"


Size 34"


Green Checked     Summer Dresses

3yrs - 4yrs


5yrs - 6yrs


7yrs - 8yrs and 9yrs - 10yrs


11yrs - 12yrs


Grey Pinafore Dress

3yrs - 4yrs


4yrs - 5yrs and 5yrs - 6yrs


6yrs - 7yrs and 7yrs - 8yrs


9yrs - 10yrs and 11yrs - 12yrs



Ages 3yrs to 4yrs – 13yrs


Small Adult


Reversible Fleece  

Ages 3yrs to 4yrs – 13yrs


Small Adult


Book Bags

One Size


PE Bags

One Size


All of your child's clothing and belongings should be labelled with his/her name.

Second-hand sweatshirts are collected in school from parents who feel they no longer have use for them. These are available at no cost on request if we have them