Sports Funding

The government are spending over £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over the 3 academic years 2013 to 2014, 2014 to 2015 and 2015 to 2016. Schools can choose how they use the funding, for example to:

  • Hire specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers during PE lessons;
  • Support and involve the least active children by running after-school sports clubs and holiday clubs, e.g. the Change4Life clubs;
  • Provide resources and training courses in PE and sport for teachers;
  • Run sport competitions or increase pupils’ participation in the school games;
  • Run sports activities with other schools.

Please select the reports below to view the summaries of how Hollinswood Primary School & Nursery have spent their PE and Sports Premium Grant.

PE and Sports Premium Grant (With Impacts) for 2013/2014

PE and Sports Premium Grant for 2014/2015 (Impacts will follow).

PE and Sports Premium Grant (With Impacts) for 2016/2017