School Council

Hollinswood Primary School and Nursery School Council 2018/2019 

Every year school councillors are elected from each class. During these elections, councillors have to present themselves as being a good candidate for the job. Their classmates are then given the opportunity to vote on who they think deserves the role of school councillor.  

School Councillors are encouraged to think about what they can do to help improve our school. This could be discussing future school lunch menus with the catering team, developing areas within school such as our playground and choosing new resources for school.  

This term, our focus is helping choose new resources for the Key Stage one playground area. 

Meet the School Councillors for 2018-19:

Y1 - Luke

Y1 - George

Some of the reasons why we are School Councillors:   

"I am a good friend and play with everyone.” 

“I help people.”

"I am friendly.”

“I want to be able to help my friends.”  



Y4 - Darcey

Y4 - Sukhmani

Y2 - Vivan

Y2 - Papa

“I think I would be a good school councillor because I am good a listening to people.”


“It’s important to be a good listener on school council because you can listen to your friends and help them sort out their problems.”

“I wanted to be a school councillor so I could help school become a better place for everyone.”





 Y5 - Palvi


Y5 - Kamilya


Y3 - Alayna

Y3 - Jay


Y6 - Marley



Y6 - Phoebe

YR - Ava

YR - Reyhan




Y6 - Megan