KS1 Storytime

Today's story is chosen by Mrs Barrow and is called 'The Cave' by Rob Hodgson

Do you like the surprise ending? Can you write a another ending for the story, which has a different creature hiding in the cave? We would love to read them.


Danny and the Dream Dog


This story is called Dogger. After you have listened to it, could you create a 'Wanted Poster' for Dogger or one of your toys or teddies that gets lost?


After you have listened to the poem, you could download the words and try to perform your favourite part yourself. Have fun!


Can you write your own version of the story, but with a different animal instead of a tiger? Would your animal still eat all the food in the house?



Can you create a list of rhyming words after you have listened to the story?


Stick Man by Axel Scheffler

After you have listened to the story (read by the author) could you:

1. Write a new part of the story in which an animal or a person tries to use the stick man for something else. How does this make him feel?

2. Draw a picture to go with it.

Michael Rosen, reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

After you have listened to the story, can you draw a story map of all the different places that the family went through, making sure they are in the right order? Tweet or email your story maps to us.


We have had to remove the Penguin story, but you can still have a go at the tasks below.  Follow this link to Purple Mash. Can you make your own Penguin animation in 2Animate? (look at your 2Dos)
We look forward to seeing them!

Click here to see an example animation.

Where do penguins live? How many different kinds of penguins can you find out about? Draw a picture of your favourite kind and write some facts about them. Email your pictures to your teachers. Mrs Gibbons likes the Rockhopper Penguins!