Problem Solving

There are many opportunities for children to develop and use their problem solving skills in school.

Some examples are:

Mathematics: Problem Solving and Reasoning is a big part of mathematics and the children are constantly solving problems within lessons.  Have a look at this problem below:

If your child likes solving problems and would like to have a go at more, take a look at the nrich website here. 

Computing: Within the Computer Science strand of Computing, there is lots of scope for problem solving. Some of the National Curriculum statements include: create and debug simple programs (Y1), design, write and debug programs that accomplish simple goals (Y3).

Your child should have a log on for Purple Mash, where they can use 2Code to try out some more coding activities. Click on the picture below to link to Purple Mash. If your child does not have their log on card, ask their class teacher.

Forest School: Throughout all year groups from Reception to Year 6, the children take part in Forest School sessions at school. There is a wide scope of problem solving activities that the children undertake.  Some examples are: construct a shelter with your group that will keep the rain off; one of your team has a broken leg, build a stretcher that will get them back to school; a helicopter is coming to rescue you from the pit mound, but it can only land on flat ground. How you can you alert the pilot to your location?