In Harmony Music Instrument - Loan agreement form

Dear Parents/Carers,

From the second part of the summer term, children will have the opportunity to take their instruments home. This will allow them to practise what they have learnt in their music sessions that week. We recommend that the children practise for around 10 minutes a day. Instruments will go home on a Wednesday for the weekend and during holidays. They MUST be brought back to school for In Harmony delivery days so please ensure that your child brings their instrument back to school every Monday.

The instrument must be looked after and kept it in its case when it is not being played. The children are brilliant at looking after their instruments and have had instructions on how to do so by the In Harmony teachers. Please make sure that your child’s class teacher is informed immediately of any damage to an instrument. We understand that accidents happen. Please don’t attempt to make repairs yourself or take it to a shop. If an instrument has been stolen then the school must be contacted immediately along with a subsequent statement in writing containing a reported crime number. This will then be reported to the In Harmony Project Manager.

Please compete the Music Instrument Loan Agreement by following the below link to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions: