Kenyan Link

Our link with Kimilili FYM Primary School, Sibakala, Kenya

Since 2011 our school has been linked with Kimilili FYM Primary School in Kenya. This project began when Mr Atkinson and Mrs Barrow visited the school in Kenya, as part of a British Council funded trip to establish partnerships. Miss Goldup then visited Kenya in 2015 and we have been lucky enough to be visited by Madame Anne and Madame Jane. This gave the children in our school lots of opportunity to talk about life in Kenya and ask any questions that they had. The children from our school have also  been communicating with the children in Kenya through letters and have shared information about their way of life and daily routines.

The school in Kenya now has electricity and we keep in touch through email. In the future, we plan to continue to strengthen our links with the school by organising and taking part in different and exciting projects and hopefully visit each other again soon!