40 Great Things

...about Hollinswood Primary School and Nursery 

Inspired by the National Trust’s ’50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ initiative, and keen to build on the importance we place on outdoor learning, we have developed the idea of creating a list of memorable experiences to offer pupils during their time at school.
We have drawn on experiences and ideas that we currently offer the pupils such as light a fire and cook on it and learn to swim, we have ‘borrowed’ some ideas from the National Trust’s great list (for example make a mud pie, discover what’s in a pond), and also came up with some new ones that we think are really important to offer pupils, like listen to a live orchestra and contribute to a school blog”.
Of course, we still teach all the statutory national curriculum subjects too, we just like to offer our pupils something more!


Light a fire and cook on it


Create a mini-movie

 Go to the seaside and paddle

Here is the full list: 
 Light a fire and cook on it
• Climb a tree
• Go to the theatre
• Listen to a live orchestra
• Meet an author/storyteller
• Have a sleepover
• Go to the seaside and paddle
• Play in a stream
• Go to a farm
• Create a mini-movie
• Bake a cake
• Read a great book
• Hold a mini-beast
• Grow and eat own food
• Learn to swim
• Create wild art
• Compete in a sports team
• Go on a coach or train
• Paint a masterpiece
• Build a den (for people and animals!)
• Hatch a chick/butterflies
• Taste exotic fruit
• Contribute to a school blog
• Take part in an assembly/school production
• Go to an art gallery
• Contribute to a whole school art project
• Work with younger and older children
• Visit a place of worship
• Make something to sell
• Learn from older members of our community
• Run around in the rain
• Fly a kite
• Make a mud pie
• Play in the snow
• Make a daisy chain
• Pick blackberries growing in the wild
• Discover what’s in a pond
• Sing in a big group
• Meet an Olympic gold medallist
• Write to a child in Kenya