Governors Annual Statement

Governors Annual Statement 2021/2022

The major focus of the Governing Body is to ensure that our pupils progress appropriately in a well-managed, stimulating and safe environment. The governors appreciate that for this to happen the pupils must be supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professionally competent and motivated staff all working together within a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.

Governors appreciate too the requirements of our children’s parents and carers and their need to be satisfied about the overall leadership and management of the school and how it affects safety, learning, progress and enjoyment.

To achieve their objectives governors too must continually evaluate the role they have played within the life of the school, and publish relevant information to all appropriate parties.

Governors Visits – The governors are invited to visit the school as part of their monitoring of the Raising Achievement Plan and of specific issues. Guidance in terms of the roles and responsibilities of statutory link governors are provided to relevant governors and regular training is available in order to up skill our team. Since COVID-19 restrictions the school has made adjustments to ensure monitoring continues. 

Data Analysis – Data is made available to governors through termly meetings with verbal and written presentations followed by questions and answer sessions with the head teacher and members of the senior leadership team. Thus the governors are able to benchmark their data against similar schools, the Local Authority and schools nationally to ensure the schools standards and expectations are high and are able to be closely scrutinised.

Particular scrutiny is placed on pupil progress across all groups including vulnerable groups and those in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG).

Policies – Governors review all relevant policies on a programmed basis to ensure that all guidance is current and up to date. Specific attention is paid to ensure that the school complies with the Department of Education mandatory policy list and the Local Authority recommended list.

Financial Management – The impact of the governor’s role in the school ensures that the budget is managed effectively and improvements are effective and continuous. Governor expertise – the governors bring a wide variety of expertise to the school and this helps to ensure the school is moving forward.

Safer Recruitment – The head teacher and a number of staff and governors are trained in “Safer Recruitment”. Governors are involved in the recruitment and selection of all teaching staff and use the appointment process to ensure that high quality staff who share the schools mission statement and aims are appointed.

Governor Meeting Attendance – Governor attendance has been of a good level, with any absences having been fully explained and accepted and approved by the governing body. Our governors are a committed group of people.

Review -The governing body, the head teacher and all members of staff are constantly striving to improve and develop the school. This was recognised by OFSTED in their June 2019 inspection. The school continues to be successful with ongoing improvement in pupil progress and attainment which reflects our whole school drive to consistently raise standards. There has been effective allocation and imaginative use of Sports funding so as to further inspire and develop teaching staff and pupils.

The Governing Body of Hollinswood Primary School & Nursery is organised as follows:

There are three main committees –

  • Finance and Personnel Committee.
  • Achievement and Progress Committee.
  • Health, Safety and Safeguarding Committee.

Most decisions are devolved to these committees and the head teacher, who sits on all three. The committees usually convene at least twice a term with extra meetings if required. The Health, Safety and Safeguarding Committee will meet once a term. Other Committees meet when required.

Special Interest Governors – These cover different areas and include Special Education Needs, Health and Safety, Pupil Premium, Safeguarding, Children in Care and English as an Additional Language.

Training is available to Governors, from an induction course for new Governors, to Appraisal, Ofsted and SENCo courses. All Governors training records are kept in school.

In order to fulfil their strategic role and address the development points from the Raising Achievement Plan, Governors have:

  • Provided challenge and support to the Head teacher and other Senior Leaders.
  • Visited school to monitor the performance of pupils, for example by learning walks to look at specific aspects of the children’s work including their books.
  • Talked to pupils about their work and their targets and observed them in the classroom.
  • Monitored and evaluated all available data, including Government Data Dashboard, Raise Online and internal reports from teachers to ensure that action is being taken on targets set.
  • Sought the views of parents and pupils via questionnaires, evaluated the responses and ensured that appropriate follow-up actions are taken.
  • Invited senior leaders to Governors meetings to explain their work and answer any questions, e.g. Team Leaders Provide challenge and support to the Head teacher and other Senior Leaders.
  • Attended open lessons/mornings with parents to solicit feedback and to keep Governors informed and up-to-date with current initiatives in teaching and learning.
  • Ensured robust appraisal systems for teachers and addressed any under-performance.

In order to fulfil their statutory duties Governors have:

  • Ensured that the school website is up-to-date and complies with regulations.
  • Attend regular meetings with clear agendas to discuss, review and approve key compliance requirements, e.g. Child Protection Policy, and that Safeguarding responsibilities are met.
  • Governors have been fully involved since the COVID-19 disruption began in March 2020.  



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