Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Hollinswood is driven by our School Values.

  • Being respectful
  • Being resourceful
  • Being resilient
  • Being responsible

These we call the 4Rs. Find out more about the 4Rs here.

We aim for every child to leave our school with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to be educated citizens and succeed in their next stage of education. To do this we plan a curriculum that is relevant, responsive, and ambitious, regardless of a child’s starting points.

Our curriculum is a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values, designed to focus on the well-being of the child and ensure they are the best they can be. Children with SEND and other vulnerable groups are supported to close any gaps in learning that appear.


Our curriculum has been designed to create a balance between the National Curriculum statutory requirements and a range of experiences which give our children the opportunities to broaden their life experiences. Our curriculum provides our children with experiences and opportunities which best meet their learning and developmental needs. The acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills is carefully planned to create a purposeful and exciting learning journey for every child.

Teaching approaches, provision and environments differ across school and are suited to the needs and development of the children. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, the environment has been designed so children have space and opportunities to play and explore. Staff plan focus sessions throughout the week where key knowledge is taught. The environment is then enhanced with opportunities for the children to develop new skills and consolidate new learning.

In Key Stage 1 the children continue to have opportunities to play and practice new skills they have been taught in a variety of ways with increasing independence. Knowledge is taught in focussed lessons, then the environment is enhanced so children can consolidate their learning independently in Open Door sessions.

In Key Stage 2 the organisation of the lessons and environment is adapted to the children and their learning needs.

We have well thought out outdoor spaces used to enrich children’s learning experiences, such as participating in forest schools, outdoor PE sessions and using the nursery garden.


At Hollinswood Primary School and Nursery, children are assessed during every lesson which enables our teachers to plan the next steps for each child. Teachers assess against the learning objectives and the skills requirements for each year group, then provide ongoing feedback which enables each pupil to make progress within the lesson and over time. Children are expected to make good or better progress in all subjects and this individual progress is tracked and reported to parents and carers at parents evening and on the termly reports.

Senior Leaders and Subject Leaders monitor individual subjects: reviewing learning, evaluating pupil voice, providing individual feedback to move practice forward, celebrating positives and highlighting areas of development. The impact of the curriculum is reviewed half termly or at the end of a unit of work through moderation meetings within teams. Teachers highlight children’s strengths and gaps in learning then share this information with subject leaders who use this information to highlight areas for development within their subject.

See our Teaching and Learning policy for more information.