Language of the term


In our school, we celebrate being unique and diversity. Each Half Term, we celebrate and learn about a different language because…

  • It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate language skills
  • We develop respect for each other’s languages and cultures
  • We broaden our language and communication skills
  • We learn about languages and cultures
  • We broaden our understanding of the world around us
  • We learn and have fun!

Here are some ideas of how you can learn and celebrate languages:

  • Use Newbury Park site to learn key phrases in the language -
  • Use SafeTube for counting stories and traditional stories
  • Cook or bake food from the country associated with the language
  • Find the countries where the language is spoken on the map
  • Create flags and posters celebrating the language
  • Learn songs in a new language
  • Look at what celebrations take place in the country of language of the month

This half term, our language is FRENCH! This was voted for by children across the school.

Here are some activities to have a go at – look out for them on ClassDojo too!



Can you practice simple greetings in Makaton? Join in with SuperMovers to practice!




Click on the image of the French flag above to see some ideas and resources.


Can you upload a video to Class Dojo saying your name?




Can you have a conversation with someone, asking how they are?

Join in with this song to help you practice!

Can you make a poster to celebrate French Culture?
Think about the food, lifestyle, religion…


Can you count from 1-10?

Can you say your age?

 Join in with this song to help you practice!


Can you learn a song in French? Here’s a few to try!  Twinkle, twinkle little star Humpty, dumpty Hickory, dickory dock Frere Jacque