Key Stage One

At Hollinswood Primary we plan a creative curriculum that links foundation subjects in a theme. Within KS1, Medium Term Planning is planned jointly for Year One and Year Two. Each subject is planned with careful consideration of the Key Skills for that subject, this means that lessons are not differentiated necessarily by age but by the skills that are appropriate for each child. For individual pupils, consideration is given to a flexible timetable to suit needs, such as regular brain breaks, 1:1 support and quiet work areas away from distractions.

Autumn 2017: Key Stage One

 In Key Stage One our theme for this term is 'Under the Sea.' We will be learning about animals that live under the sea, linking to our topic in Science this term, for Year One being 'animals' and for Year Two 'Living things and their environment.'  Throughout our Geography sessions the children will be learning about the continents and the seas and linking to History we will be learning about the life of Columbus.  During our Design and Technology sessions we will be creating our own lighthouses. Our Art work this term will focus on the work of Jackson Pollock.

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