Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

In the Foundation Unit we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). We support the children to become independent and collaborative learners. We provide a range of activities and experiences that encourage children to take risks, explore and make links between their explorations.

Our topic for the next few weeks is all about ‘Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs’ stories. 

We will be looking at dinosaurs and their names. We will be using phonics to make up new names for the dinosaurs, playing with different sounds and practicing forming the letters. This won’t always be done on paper. We might write the letters in dinosaur slime or swamp sludge. We might use sticks to practice the letters in the mud. The messier the better!! 

Children will have the opportunity to create worlds for the dinosaurs and use their imagination to see how the dinosaurs lived and what they might have been able to see, hear, smell and taste. 

We will be creating a Dino Café in the mud kitchen encouraging children to make up their own recipes and use number, weights and measures to create different dishes!!

 We will be looking at Harvest and learning new songs. 

One of our main focuses for this half term is ensuring your child feels happy, safe and wants to come to school. We will be working on getting know each other and school routines, learning about the school and finding our way around the building. 

We will be developing the children’s resilience to new challenges by providing them with opportunities to challenge themselves and making independent choices and decisions.



Click here for our planning overview for this term.